Light makes us lighter
A still mind makes us calmer
An active heart makes us stronger
And love makes us richer

To walk into the light, we cannot be consumed by fear.

Fear is a reactive force that diminishes our ability to bring our highest and best aims into our daily lives. It is not easy to keep our minds from going down this rabbit hole. We are somewhat hard-wired to anticipate worst-case scenarios.

I promise you this. If you learn to calm and still your mind and heart, you will discover that there is great abundance because you are creating diverse communities. If you only attract people into your life who think as you do, you will encounter fear and scarcity. Instead, create diverse and lively communities of friends and associates. If you do this, you will find that no matter what the hardship, you will have resources, support, and care along your road.


(1) Invite people who are curious into your life. Self-righteous and opinionated people tend to use fear to leverage their agenda. Curious people tend to wonder what is possible.

(2) Focus your thoughts on what is life-giving in the world versus what diminishes you and others. This can be challenging work, but through practice, you can create less anxiety and fear and more hope and momentum.

(3) Create routines and structures to help you stay focused on a positive vision. One affirming structure or routine is the habit of gratitude. When you wake up each morning, be thankful. Try thanking or affirming someone every day. You might seek out something beautiful and take a picture of it. These things won’t change the fact that there are scary things out there, but they will remind you that there is inherent beauty and amazingness in the world.

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