We offer a number of group programs at 12 Life-Giving Habits leaders and managers. Regardless of whether we are looking at an individual, a team, or an entire organization, the focus is on experiencing One Amazing Year. We accomplish this goal by customizing each program around three key elements:

  • Clarifying results and performance improvement goals that matter
  • Developing keystone habits that enable each leader to thrive and flourish
  • Creating learning labs for leaders to practice their skills in real-world learning environments

To experience an Amazing Year, we believe the company must focus on the triple bottom line of Profit, People, and Sustainability, each vitally interdependent of one another. We offer five different options to achieve these aims:

  • Speaking engagements – laying the groundwork to imagine your future
  • Workshops and learning labs – experimenting with new habits in simulated work environments and specific competency development around new skills and habits
  • Online learning modules  – help each employee create an amazing year in your organization
  • Consulting – customized support for fostering strong cultures, organizations structures that support results, and system thinking tools to improve performance
  • Executive and manager coaching sessions – designed to help individual leaders turn theory and ideas into action.

One Amazing Year is not just magical or wishful thinking, an Amazing Year involves interrupting patterns of behavior and thinking that no longer serve the organization well and creating new habits of heart, mind, and body to focus on specific improvements that lead to results.

Please call for more information if you are ready to say “YES” to an AMAZING YEAR.

Doc Klien
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We love working with schools at 12 Life-Giving Habits and have been doing so for many years. Whether you are looking for a whole school initiative or working with a specific group of teachers and students, we have a program tailored just for you.

Our programs include:

  • Motivational speaking engagements – inviting teachers, parents, students, and administrators to all have an Amazing Year
  • Workshops and learning labs – customized 1-5 day programs for helping teachers, help their students have their best year ever. We create interesting experiential learning labs to dynamics ways to foster life-long learning.
  • Year-long programs – these year-long programs create the structures and the support to help your whole school or a targeted group experience an Amazing Year.
  • Coaching- we offer coaching packages for teacher and administer leaders to help them develop the skills, competencies, and experiences to create an amazing year within their schools.

We understand that performance matters at schools and our efforts are targeted towards fostering the social-emotional learning necessary for full engagement in academics and the classroom/school culture.

Please call for a consultation for your school today.

Doc Klien
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