Five Steps


Step One

Find a friend or group that wants to experience 12 Life-Giving Habits together in the spirit of an Outward Bound crew.

Step Two

Pick a day at the end of your Amazing Year where you will celebrate your success.

Step Three
Choose the first habit to work on and ask yourself the following questions:

A.) To practice this habit, what do I need to become more aware of? (awareness)

B.) What do I want to do differently to make this habit manifest? (intention)                    

C.) What small experiments am I willing to do to make this habit real? (practice/action)

Step Four
* Meet with your friend or group regularly to debrief and to progress to the next habit.

Step Five

Celebrate your successes along the way (build on what you are doing well).

*You may decide to work on one habit per week, month, or year… so be it. The key is to strive to create the best version of you so that you may thrive and flourish and help others thrive and flourish too. 

Keep the flame alive

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