12 Life-Giving Habits

by Kevin “Doc” Klein

How to experience an AMAZING YEAR after your Outward Bound course

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This 21-day experience is designed to build on your Outward Bound course by helping you become more aware of the world around you at home. This includes four important lenses of:

1) Self
2) Family/Community
3) Work/School
4) The Natural World

Each day, for 21 days, a new section will be unlocked that is designed to help you gain insight and information and will enable you to focus on what is most important during your Amazing Year.

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12 Life-Giving Habits

Welcome to Life After Outward Bound

An Outward Bound course is a powerful experience that sets the stage for each participant to take what they have learned and apply it to their life beyond the wilderness or urban setting. Think of your Outward Bound experience as a launching pad for creating an amazing life.

Every Outward Bound experience is a little different, but at the heart of each experience is the development of life-giving habits that help you and those around you to thrive and flourish.

What does it mean to thrive and flourish? It means that you are not living on cruise-control any longer. You have chosen to live the story of who you want to be in the world. It means that you are living a healthier, happier, and more joyful existence. It means that you are applying what you learned in your course to daily life. You are living a life of compassion through service, physical and emotional fitness, quality work and craftspersonship, and self-reliance. These four central pillars of Outward Bound are at the core of what makes your experience so relevant in our world today.

Your Outward Bound course exposed you to some new ways of being that were more life-giving. This initiative is designed to help you develop and refine those life-giving habits. My hope is that we can circle back and celebrate your amazing way of living with more awareness, with more intention, and with more life-giving actions.





About Kevin “Doc” Klein

Doc Klein with Cat

My name is Kevin Klein, but everyone calls me Doc, not because I am a physician, but because of my colorful past in the great out-of-doors. For over forty years, I have dedicated my life to helping people and communities reach their highest potential. Much of that time has involved working with Outward Bound as an instructor, course director, program manager, and eventually as the Director of the Kurt Hahn Leadership Center. In addition, my work as a consultant with schools/colleges, health agencies, businesses, and social communities has given me deep experience and insights in how change really happens on the ground level. One of my methods for engaging people is through poetry and photography. This taps into a heart-centered approach that allows people to move beyond the intellectual to look at and change the behaviors and habits that do not serve them.

In 2009, I read A Year to Live by Stephen Levine. This book challenged me to live as if I only had one year left on earth. As part of this mindfulness exercise, I chose my last day and lived as if I only had a year left. During this year, I took off two weeks each month for twelve months and climbed fifty mountains with fifty friends. It was truly one of the best years of my life. After completing my year to live exercise, I ended up in the hospital with a rare heart virus and almost died. Miraculously, I survived and began dedicating myself to helping others experience an Amazing Year.

Part of my research over the years was to help unravel the mysteries of why Outward Bound courses are so powerful. After hundreds of interviews with instructors and students, and over 35 years of teaching, I wrote a book called 12 Life-Giving Habits for Life After Outward Bound. It is a small book with a big invitation to experience your best year ever using Outward Bound as a launching pad. Many students I talked with struggled with applying the lessons of their course back in their real world. I hope that with this book, courses, and our work together, we can build stronger more vibrant communities that truly thrive and flourish.

Providing training and team building to:

Doc Klein, Outward Bound leader and experienced community builder, is a man with fire in his belly and passion in his heart. He lives every day with boundless empathy and authentic compassion. He inspires people not only to make personal breakthroughs but also to serve others and to build true community. Having worked side by side with Doc to establish a leadership center based on the bedrock principles of Kurt Hahn, I see his approach as uniquely relevant. His writing is an antidote to the confusion and uncertainty of our times.


John Huie

John Huie, former school director, Outward Bound North Carolina

Being Outward Bound is about what you do after your course, not during. This veteran instructor and poet-philosopher, Doc Klein, inspires us to ask how we can live remarkable lives filled with adventure and compassion.

Ian Randall

~ Ian Randall, Founder, Wasafiri Consulting and former Outward Bound instructor

Life changing experiences are only as significant as the actual changes you make in your life after they occur. Doc offers twelve pragmatic ways to take your "mountain top" experience and use it to change your life in the span of a year....anyone who chooses to walk this path will travel a road toward to a higher life of joy, discovery, and service.

Ed Maggart

~ Ed Maggart, headmaster of The College School (Experiential Learning School), Saint Louis, Missouri

Doc Klein is a good guide and companion on the long and winding path of personal growth. He accepts people as they are and coaxes out of them the qualities he sees in them that they might be missing. He has the soul of a poet, the mind of a teacher, and a blue-collar practicality about him that invites us all to jump in and get things done...a little differently; a little better.

Gordon Grant

~ Dr. Gordon Grant, Education Director, North Carolina Outward Bounnd

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